Adventure racing is a thinking person's sport. There is so much to learn and so many different challenges, both mental and physical. To help people get a jump start into the sport we have developed an extensive adventure racing training curriculum focusing on the skills and knowledge required to complete your first race or take you to the next level in competitiveness. Taught by internationally experienced veterans of adventure racing you will be exposed to the tips, tricks and lessons learned from some of the biggest and most challenging events in the world, as well as learn how to approach a shorter event like a Raid the North Series race or Salomon Adventure Challenge race.

Frontier Adventure Racing is working hard to bring you the most comprehensive courses taught by Canada’s best Adventure Athletes. With courses being taught across Canada by Lawrence Foster, Dave Zietsma, and Bob Miller, you are sure to get the best tactics and techniques available.

Adventure Racing Courses (Click for more details)

1. Introduction to AR
2. Intermediate ART
3. Advanced ART

Navigation Courses (Click for more details)

1. Navigation Seminar
2. Navigation Field Course
3. Advanced Navigation and Strategy Seminar

Adventure Racing Skills (Click for more details)
    1.  First Aid Training
    2.  Wilderness First Aid Training

    1. Conditioning for Adventure Racing
    2. Advanced Conditioning for Adventure Racing

Special courses and group rates are available--contact us for more information at

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