Adventure racing can be an intimidating undertaking for a first time competitor. There are many things to learn and prepare for. Not only do you have to acquire the right skills for the race you have chosen and get in the right physical condition for it, you must also plan what gear to carry, what to eat, what to wear, and of course, who to race with. Just deciding what footwear to use can be a source of countless hours of discussion. Wait till you see the rest of the gear list.

Many racers have learned about adventure racing the hard way - show up at their first race horribly under-prepared and overwhelmed by it and then pick up lessons by dissecting their mistakes after the event. After competing in enough races to make all the necessary mistakes, they have learned all of the important lessons and become successful adventure racers.

With the growth in popularity of the sport there has also been an increase in ways to learn about adventure racing through OTHER people's mistakes rather than your own. Taking advantage of any one of the following sources of information about the sport can speed your development as a racer and increase your chances of finishing a race.

1) Do Your Own Research - The growth in popularity of adventure racing has brought about a growth in the amount of information available to the first-timer on how to get started. There are information Web sites, chat groups and even books about adventure racing and how to succeed. For the more studious, reading up on what it takes is a good start to learning about the sport. Although it can never replace the benefits of getting out there and seeing a race or talking with experienced competitors, it is a good beginning.

Check out and for more information about getting started, including the availability of books on the subject.

2) Join an Adventure Racing Club - There are many new adventure racing clubs being created across North America. Some are strictly Internet based information sources while others get out and do regular training and learning together. With a little research you can find out of there is an adventure racing club in your area. Getting out to meet and train with active competitors in adventure racing, or even just read information posting from experienced racers is an excellent way to get perspective on the sport. It is also a great way to meet potential teammates.

3) Volunteer at an Adventure Race - Witnessing a race first-hand, seeing how it unfolds and watching why teams fail or succeed is an excellent way to gain perspective on what you need to do to get ready for your first race. In some ways, a volunteer can learn more than a competitor in the race as volunteers can see the successes and pitfalls of all the teams in the race. A first time competitor languishing near the back of the pack will only learn through rumours what the lead teams did differently to be so far ahead. Also, for those that do not know many people interested in adventure racing, becoming a volunteer can throw you into an entire community of active and would-be adventure racers making the search for teammates that much easier.

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